Sue Iannucci


Sue has been dancing since she was 5 years old.  Her first dance lesson was at Yanarella School of Dance and that is where she spent all of her dancing years.  She attended many dance conventions, NADAA, Dance Caravan, and was even a guest teacher at some of those conventions. She continued her dance education at Cortland State where she studied under Gus Giordano.   

She studied all forms of dance; ballet, tap, jazz, acrobatics and modern. She even did Tap Dancing on Pointe but her love and greatest accomplish as a young dancer was Acrobatics!  Sue had many solos throughout the years at Yanarella – using top hats, glasses of water, stairs – anything that the director could imagine.  She and her partner at that time, Eric Villani, entered the Dutchess County Fair Talent Show and won first place. This sent them to the Syracuse State Fair where they competed as well. This was back in 1969!!

Sue has danced her entire life and has taught dancing at Yanarella to all ages. The program we use for our youngest dancers evolved thru Sue and Diane Gorey, a fellow teacher. During this time her two daughters were born and they started dancing at the age of 2. Alison, her youngest, competed with the Hip Hop Group – We are Heroes and competed on the MTV Show “America’s Best Dance Crew” and won this competition which sent her traveling around the world performing with her “crew”.

She has been married for 46 years to her husband, Tony, a retired Cost Accountant. They reside in Fishkill, New York and have two daughters and one grandson, Zheal.  She is also Vice President at Emery & Webb Inc. but soon will be retiring this December 2021 where she will enjoy traveling with her husband and visiting her grandson! 

Sue continues to teach and her love for tap dancing shines as she teaches the Adult Tap Classes.  She enjoys the comradery of the adults and their eagerness to learn something new in their life.  She is full of energy and it shows! Sue will continue to teach her dancing adults for a bit and will enjoy every minute of retirement.